CER Products

Cash Environmental Resources is dedicated to responsible waste handling and recycling in the communities we serve.  Recycling and processing materials such as concrete, asphalt, tree debris, sand and soil prevent landfilling and provides our community with sustainable products for various uses in construction and landscaping.  

Specific products such as crushed concrete aggregate, rock, sand, fill dirt, topsoil, and mulch can be purchased directly from our facility or delivery options can be arranged for larger orders.  Support our community’s sustainability efforts by purchasing recycled products from Cash Environmental Resources for your next construction or landscaping project.


Cash Environmental Resources is able to utilize its site based and portable concrete crushing capabilities to provide sub-base and road-base aggregate made from recycled materials. This capability helps reduce the need for natural aggregates thereby reducing total costs to the customer. 

Cash Development has crushed concrete, clean fill dirt and a blend of recycled materials for sale to meet project needs. A ready inventory of concrete, mulch, sand and other aggregate is available for pickup.

If you need to purchase base for your paving project and are looking for where to buy aggregate base material, look no further. 


We offer the following products:

Crushed Concrete

Concrete and asphalt material is diverted from the landfill and processed through industrial equipment to produce recycled concrete aggregate.  Crushed concrete makes excellent base and subbase material for driveways, roads and parking pads.


Our rock material is useful as base or subbase material for constructing roads, driveways, sidewalks and parking areas.  The consistent size of this material means it is less prone to wash away and ideal for use on slopes and in drainage solutions.


Base material is used for leveling and anchoring pavers when constructing driveways, walkways, patios and other applications.  Three common types of base materials we offer are recycled concrete aggregate, rock and sand.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt composed of soil, sand and rock is ideal material for leveling, filling and grading land.  Use fill dirt to start the job then apply topsoil before any final seeding or landscaping.  


Topsoil is biologically rich soil meaning it contains plant matter and microorganisms that make it suitable for growing plants and supporting life.  Once land is leveled with fill dirt, use topsoil to finish a project and provide the proper nutrients to support beautiful landscaping or successful gardening.


Purchasing mulch means you are supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to landfilling of tree debris.  We process trees and limbs through a commercial grinder to avoid landfilling, then provide quality organic mulch to the community for use in landscaping or gardens where it reduces water loss in the soil, reduces weeds and feeds soil biology as it decomposes.


Ease of use, availability and price all make sand a good choice for base material in construction projects.  Our clean sand material can also be used for recreational purposes from golf courses to creating a beach area next to a pond or in a child’s sand box.

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